Custom Pieces: from idea to completion

For more than ten years, Andy has worked with clients individually to create custom one-of-a-kind pieces for their homes. Sometimes the design is driven by an awkward space or a specific function, sometimes it has been purely an artistic endeavor to create something beautiful within a room. We will work with you to create a piece that fits your home and personal needs. Whether you have a vague idea or a specific design in mind we can help you create the piece you desire. Please call for a consultation.

Slab furnishings

Furniture that features a single slab of wood is our speciality. Homes can be utterly and gorgeously transformed with the addition of a slab dining table, or a slab desk for an office. From wood selection, to design and production, we see working with slabs as the highest form of our artistry -- in many ways because the end result is a beautiful expression of simplicity and craftsmanship. If you have a specific space that would be ideal for a slab piece, contact me today and we'll starting creating. You will be involved every step of the way. 


Custom work examples

Below are a few custom pieces I have created to help a client define a space or function within their home:

Bookcase and glass display cabinet

bookcase and glass display case

The end of the Telluride valley is a stunning panorama. It has soaring rock walls broken by numerous waterfalls topped by snowy peaks. The cherry pillars in this bookcase represent the rock walls while an inset iron detail captures the essence of the waterfalls.

Iron and wood credenza

This piece represents the classic mining vernacular. The combination of two materials, iron and wood, often used together in the old mining days creates a rugged yet handsome piece. The mahogany body contrasts nicely with the black walnut legs and is a detail that gives the piece that extra bit of refinement.

Carl’s corner desk

carl desk

This desk is a combination of natural inspiration and functionality. Built from a single log of Hawaiian Koa wood, the curved shape of the top mimics a natural curve in the grain of the original tree. The radius of the curve tightens as it approaches the corner to accommodate the room. The client’s needs were for numerous drawers and a file cabinet. This was accomplished without disrupting the beauty of the piece by building curved face drawers to follow the natural lines of the top. Because of the large size of this piece it had to be engineered and built in three pieces and assembled on-site adding to the complexity of the design.

Judy’s corner desk

judy desk

This is a simpler and more feminine version of Carl’s desk and was also built from the same log of Koa. The functional requirements were  much simpler - only two drawers. The legs are a bit more delicate and gives this desk a more lighthearted feel. It was also built in three pieces and assembled on site.

Blanket Chest

blanket chest

This chest was inspired by the two dramatic canyons that bisect the high alpine valley we call home. The piece was created using a technique called parquetry. In parquetry 1/16 inch veneers are glued to a substrate. One advantage of using a veneer is that that the artist can pick and choose individual pieces of wood for it’s grain and color. The woodworker literally becomes a painter, applying each piece of wood as if choosing paint from a palette.