Process: the mark of the craftsman


Each piece is built to order. It all begins with wood selection. We choose to use mostly native hardwoods for the beauty of their grain and their durability. Most of our wood comes from small mills on the east coast that is hand-picked by associates knowledgeable of our needs and standards.

Only traditionally joinery is used to assemble each piece. From dove tailed drawers to mortise and tenon joints we use the strongest possible method for joining two pieces of wood. Although it would be cheaper and faster to use lesser joinery, we refuse to settle for less, this insures that each piece will endure for generations.

Each piece is truly unique as it bears the mark of the craftsman. The appearance of a delicate hand-cut dovetail is not reproducable by machine. Legs and arms are shaped by hand using traditional hand planes. Hand rubbed oils achieve depth and durability that give the piece an old world appearance. As the piece ages it will develop a patina that cannot be matched.